Corps officials from Civil Works out of Washington DC, along with Corp officials from New Orleans, Lafayette and Memphis visited the Port of Morgan City on March 8th to witness a firsthand demonstration of the Brice specialty purpose Dredge Arulaq that successfully manages fluff in the Bar Channel.

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As we begin 2022, the Port of Morgan City is pleased to deliver our annual report for the year 2021 to you!  Click here to view photos of beneficial use sites where dredge material has been placed and click here to view a map indicating the location of these sites. 




Seated (left to right):  Mike Hillman, Manager, Morgan City Property Holdings LLC; Joseph Cain, President, Port of Morgan City

Standing (left to right):  Gerard Bourgeois, Port of Morgan City Attorney; Raymond “Mac” Wade, Executive Director, Port of Morgan City

morgan City, LA:  The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District, referred to as the Port of Morgan City, Commission President Joseph Cain has joined Mike Hillman, Manager of MC Property Holdings LLC, in the signing of the transfer of property located at 101 Second Street on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway to the Port of Morgan City.  The $400,000 sale marks the beginning of a planned West Dock expansion of the Port’s 800 Youngs Road facility that will result in expanding the dock from its current 800 feet to nearly 1,900 feet of waterfront access.


The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District welcomed Matthew Tycer as its newest Commissioner during their July meeting. Glover, appointed by the Governor, will replace former Commissioner Lee Dragna.


With Glover are Executive Director Mac Wade, Former Commissioner Timothy Matthews, Sr., his wife Phyllis Glover, Councilman Ron Bias, Councilman Louis Tamporello, Jr., Commission President Joe Cain The Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District welcomed Matthew Glover as its newest Commissioner during their March meeting. Glover, appointed by City of Morgan City, will replace former Commissioner Timothy Matthews, Sr.


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