Rail Track Repair and Maintenance:
The general scope of work consists of replacing approximately 30% (500 cross-ties) of the cross-ties along the Lead (EAST) and Spur (WEST) rail tracks that run into the Port's terminal facility located at 800 Youngs Road, Morgan City, Louisiana. In addition, the work will include pulling joints together and installing bolts, adding ballast where needed and making necessary adjustments to the rail switches.

Aggregate Loading/Unloading Area:

The general scope of work consists of the construction of 12" thick aggregate storage area and loading zone together with installing 60" and 72" diameter reinforced concrete culverts in existing ditch/drainage canal, clearing and grubbing, excavation, grading, geotextile fabric, catch basins and other incidental items of work in connection therewith. The loading area is approximately 500' long and will include access driveway and adequate turning radius for maneuverability.


After securing a Port Security Grant, the Port of Morgan City was able to purchase a 32' Defiant multi purpose vessel, built by Metal Shark Aluminum.  A boat shed was constructed by Brunet's construction to house said vessel.

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First floor of new building is '99 percent' done
Above, a flag pole gets installed this morning at the Port of Morgan City’s
Government Emergency and Operations Center on La. 182 in Morgan City.

 Port of Morgan City Executive Director Raymond “Mac” Wade
walks Thursday on the first floor of the port’s new center. The
cubicles shown are set up for U.S. Coast Guard personnel.

In one year, the Port of Morgan City’s $11 million Emergency Operations Center has gone from the planning stages to nearly finishing construction on a one-of-a kind facility for south Louisiana. The two-story, 35,000-square-foot building is expected to house U.S. Coast Guard operations on a daily basis and will serve as an emergency command center during events, such as hurricanes. Officials broke ground for construction of the center Dec. 2, 2014. The Category 5 hurricane resistant center is located on La. 182 in Morgan City, adjacent to the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium. Work is 99 percent complete on the first floor, while the second floor is 90 to 95 percent done, port officials said. Elevators have been installed in the building. Port of Morgan City Executive Director Raymond “Mac” Wade said in June that once the center opens, there will be no facility in Louisiana that can rival it in terms of is sturdiness. Wade called it a “state-of-the-art” facility. The center is being paid for by $7.1 million in state money and $3.9 million in Port of Morgan City funds. State officials track all money spent on the center extraordinarily closely, architect Carl Blum said. “Anybody who tells you the state is foolishly spending money has never dealt with the state,” Blum said. “They watch every dime (spent).”


US Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team were the first to test the new launch.


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