The Port of Morgan City terminal facility is located at GIWW WHL Mile Marker 95.  The Port of Morgan City is the focal point of waterborne transportation in four directions.  Traffic between points in the southwest United States and the Upper Mississippi River Valley saves approximately 342 miles per round trip by using the Morgan City-to-Port Allen Alternate Route rather than the Intercoastal via the Harvey Locks at New Orelans.

International Cargo can be received at the Port of Morgan City and prepared for overland shipment to U.S. markets. The Intracoastal Waterway System and the Inland rivers of the Upper Mississippi River Valley reach markets in 37 U.S. states.


There are three bridges that connect Morgan City to Berwick over the Atchafalaya River. The bridges consist of two passenger vehicle bridges and one railroad bridge. The height limit for the E. J. “Lionel” Grizaffi Bridge, located on Hwy 90, is 73 feet. The height limit for the Long – Allen Bridge, located on Hwy 182, is 50 feet. The height limit for the Berwick Bay Bridge, which is the railway bridge, is 73 feet.


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