Western Dock Expansion - Phase 3A:
The general scope of work proposed in this project request consists of a number of elements:  the purchase of the two western adjacent properties; raising the properties approximately 5 feet (to match the top of the adjacent existing dock) by beneficially using dredged material resulting from adjacent maintenance dredging in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway; construction of a new steel sheet pile bulkhead and anchor system to confine the dredged material; construction of a new, reinforced, concrete pile-supported wharf extension structure, concrete paved cargo staging area; timber fender and mooring system, and other incidental and ancillary items of work in connection therewith.  The proposed additional wharf deck area is approximately 444’ long X 80’ wide and will include same load capacity as the existing dock. The length of the bulkheaded area is approximately 555’ long, thus adding a total nominal new dockage length of 1,000’ to the overall terminal facility.  The cargo staging area will be paved utilizing 16”-thick concrete and 12”-thick crushed aggregate base course pavement section and will add approximately 5 acres of additional cargo staging area to the overall terminal facility. The same design criteria used for the initial dock extension will be used for this project.