The Port of Morgan City held a Stakeholder Meeting on February 11th, with close to 60 people in attendance. Thanks to all who came.Panel of Presenters
Panel of Presenters:  Mac Wade, POMC, Tim Connell, USACE, Jon Mcvay, BRICE,
Charles Brittingham, Cassidy & Associates, Durund Elzey, USACE
Tim Connell
Dredging Status Update – Tim Connell, Operations Manager, Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
Durand Elzey
Presentation on Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T) and Atchafalaya Basin Program
Durund Elzey, Assistant Deputy District Engineer, Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
Jon McVay
Update on Specialty Built Equipment for Bar Channel – Jon McVay, President, Brice Civil Constructors
Charles Brittingham
Steps in the O & M Funding Process -- Charles Brittingham, Cassidy & Associates, Washington, DC