Next regular meeting of the Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District is Monday, July 8, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the Port's Emergency Operations Center at 7327 Highway 182, Morgan City, LA 70380

Dredge Watch

    • Atchafalaya River Crewboat Cut/Bay/Bar - Dredge commenced April 11, 2019.  Contractor has completed the Crewboat Cut reach and moved downstream to Atchafalaya Bay Channel reach.  Re-shoaling is occurring at the Crewboat Cut reach so the contractor will return to re-sweep this area at the end of the contract in August/September.  Progress continues in the Bay reach.
    • Bayou Chene - Contract is being delayed because funding will be reduced by approximately $6 million for significant overruns in Atchafalaya River.
    • Atchafalaya River Bar Channel - Contract awarded to BRICE Civil Constructors September, 2018 and contractor is expected to commence dredging operations in June, 2019.  M/V Dredge Capt. John E. Graham is at Halimar Shipyards undergoing modifications to become operable dredge.
    • Berwick Harbor - Shoaling in Berwick Harbor has been significant this high water season with some areas already showing nearly plus 3' elevation on the latest surveys.  Corps has only limited funding to address Berwick Harbor, Stouts Pass and other MR&T funded dredging this FY due to significantly reduced project funding for FY2019 in combination with a protracted ongoing high river event.  The Corps Dredge Jadwin has been dispatched to Stouts Pass and commenced dredging operations on June 19th.  With minimal funding they are only able to clear a narrow area that has completely filled in.

 Current MARSEC Level

   Current MARSEC Level 

The Port of Morgan City , Morgan City, Louisiana, is the birthplace of the offshore oil exploration industry. It has been an avenue of both domestic and international trade since 1957, with convenient, direct access to ocean-going traffic across the globe.

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf, the Port is located at the confluence of the Atchafalaya River and the Intracoastal Waterway at GIWW WHL Mile Marker 95.


The port is uniquely situated to handle trade from throughout the United States and the world. Its docking and cargo handling facilities serve a wide variety of medium draft vessels.There are over 200 private dock facilities located in the Morgan City vicinity. These facilities have heavy lift, barge-mounted cranes with capacities to 5,000 tons, track cranes to 300 tons, and mobile cranes to 150 tons.

The Port of Morgan City is a viable alternative for shippers utilizing shallow and medium draft vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. From the Port of Morgan City, U.S. exports can easily be shipped to ports of call in Mexico, Latin America or the Caribbean.  Establishing long-term, international relationships is a goal of the port's commissioners and staff.

Latest News

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